Belle Engagement Ring

The yellow gold fleur-de-lis of the French royal family is set with rubies and elegantly flanks the shield of sapphires, with a center stone of yellow sapphire.

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Our Take

Belle’s story is a tale as old as time in Disney’s release of “Beauty and the Beast” in 1991. It was based on the French fairy tale of the same name by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. Walt Disney actually attempted to adapt “Beauty and the Beast” into an animated feature film during the 1930s and 1950s, but was, unfortunately, unsuccessful.

Belle is another princess I could relate to as she was considered an outcast. The biggest tell of this ring being perfect for her is the French fleur-de-lis. One of my favorite things about Belle’s engagement ring is the placement of the red in the fleur-de-lis, seemingly representing the rose that is so central to her story.

On a Tight Budget?

Consider swapping the center stone from the yellow sapphire with the peridot to save close to $2000.

What People Are Saying

Here’s what one proud owner of this ring had to say:

The quality of the design and craftsmanship in this ring are absolutely amazing. The band thickness is just right, not too thin making one question its lifespan and not too thick inhibiting comfort. All of the details in the design are just as perfect in person as the online images depict. The stones are all in sturdy settings.

Ring Details


Type:Princess Yellow Sapphire
Quality Grade:Natural AAA
Weight:about 0.83cts

Type:Round Blue Sapphire
Quality Grade:Natural AAA
Total:16 stones, about 0.26cts total

Type:Round Ruby
Quality Grade:Natural AAA
total:10 stones, about 0.14cts total

Metals: 14K Yellow Gold

Ring Width (underside at widest point):12.16mm

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