Mulan Engagement Ring

The white gold scrolls and curves of this ring accentuate two off-center black diamonds while the emerald accent the center green emerald.

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Our Take

Disney’s Mulan was released in 1998 to wide critical and public acclaim. It is the story of a heroic young woman, who upon learning that her aging father may be forced to go to war, takes it upon herself to put on the guise of a man and take his place in the Chinese Army and ward off the coming Hun invasion led by Shan Yu.

This ring is one of my personal favorites. I absolutely love the contrast between those black diamonds on either side of the stunning center emerald stone. The curves and scrolls of this elegant ring are inspired by the ornate chandeliers of an elaborate palace, newly adorned for the debut of a new season.

As with any ring, you can modify the carat of the band and any of the stones to better accommodate your budget if necessary.

What People Are Saying

Here’s what one proud owner of this ring had to say:

A gift for my daughter, I received it today. It is lovely, so pretty and sparkly and it feels good, solid, heavy and not flimsy at all. Being able to customize and choose the exact stones I wanted was fabulous. My customer care lady is exceptional and has answered all of my queries promptly. I am in love with Gemvara and am spending too much time playing in the website, dreaming lol

Ring Details

Type:Round Emerald
Quality Grade:Natural AAA
Weight:about 0.21cts

Type:Round Black Diamond
Quality Grade:Natural AAA
Total:2 stones, about 0.23cts total

Type:Round Emerald
Quality Grade:Natural AAA
total:14 stones, about 0.11cts total

Metals: 14K White Gold

Ring Width (underside at widest point):2.79mm

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