Disney Princesses in Accurate Period Costumes

If you’re a Disney nerd like me, then you love to see different artists takes on any Disney characters. This artist did something really cool with some Disney princesses in a more accurate depiction of their dresses in each of their respective time periods. How neat is that?

The artist is Shoomlah and you can see her other work here and here.

Sleeping Beauty – 1485

Sleeping Beauty's Aurora Period Costume

Pocahontas – 17th Century Powahtan

Pocahontas Period Costume

Cinderella – Mid-1860’s

Cinderella Period Costume

Jasmine – Pre-Islamic Middle East

Alladin's Princess Jasmine Period Costume

Snow White – 16th Century Germany

Snow White Period Costume

Ariel – 1890’s

The Little Mermaid's Ariel Period Costume

Belle – 1770’s French Court Fashion

Beauty and the Beast's Belle Period Costume

Megara – Ancient Greece

Megara Period Costume

Mulan – Ancient China

Mulan Period Costume

Tiana – America, 1920’s

Tiana Period Costume

Rapunzel – 18th Century

Rapunzel Period Costume

Note: Last mentioned she was not finished with Merida, but I will post her when she is done