Christmas Proposal Ideas

I’m sure I’m not alone but Christmas is my favorite time of year!  Not only is my birthday in the same month but it’s such a magical time of year.  It brings out the best in people and I always feel like anything is possible.  These are the reasons I think it’s a much better holiday to propose on than Valentine’s Day.  Besides, what girl wouldn’t want to show off her engagement for all her family to see?  So without further adue, a list of Christmas proposal ideas.

Get an engagement ornament with the date you’ll be proposing on it and hang it on the tree.  Direct her to it and when she is caught up reading it, get down on one knee and pop the question.  Another idea instead of using an ornament is tying a ribbon to the engagement ring and hang it on the tree.  You can then arrange the lights around it to highlight the ring.

Bake some Christmas cookies and spell “will you marry me” with icing and set it out for “Santa” with milk.  Call her over to look at your “cute little idea”.

Wrap up the engagement ring as a present.  This is a classic and easiest way to propose that any woman would love.  My family always had a tradition of opening one present the night before.  It could be your Christmas Eve present to her.

Ask in front of family, preferably hers.  You could start it off by asking everyone to name something that they are thankful for this holiday.  When it gets back to you, say it was her and get down on one knee.  She will never expect it since you asked everyone to get involved.

Take her on a horse drawn carriage ride.  Take her on a horse-drawn carriage ride, especially through a place with Christmas lights, if your town has one.  It would be best to choose a date as close to Christmas.  In the middle of the ride, tell her you have an early Christmas present for her and present it to her.

If you are having a party and want to propose there, dress up like Santa Claus.  Get her to sit on your lap but instead of asking her what she wants for Christmas, tell her yours and ask her to marry you.

Propose by Advent calendar.  This might take a little creativity but the payoff will be worth it.  On each day leading up to the proposal, write down memorable moments from the past year with her.  If you can’t think of that many memories, write down the reasons you love her.  It might be best to get a calendar that has a pocket or box.  That way you can place the ring on the last day.

Plan a Christmas photo shoot.  Not only will you have beautiful photos for the holiday but you will have the best picture of the proposal.  Ask the photographer to help by asking them to hand you a box to take photos of you giving her the gift.  The photographer could then say he wants to gets pictures of her opening the gift.  When she sees what’s inside, drop to one knee and ask her to marry you.

Remember that the proposal is about the love you two share and the life you have together.  You also want to keep her personality in mind.  For example, if she is a private person, a proposal in front of family might not be the best way to do it.  Think about the love the two of you share and what would make her happiest, and you will make the marriage proposal a special moment you both remember forever.  And remember, speak from the heart!